Friday, October 22, 2010

a dreamworld

oh to be so carefree and live in the dreamworld our children live in.
the other night ruby said to me in the midst of playing: 'mom, i just
gotta dance' and then quickly followed this up with 'want to dance
with me.' how do you ever say no to such requests?
lately i just keep staring at my kids and wondering 'are they really mine?'
i know that must sound funny to hear, but sometimes i guess it just seems
too good to be true. i wish i could just truly live in the moments as they do,
and soak it all up. i could watch them play for hours...
playing pretend...discovering...talking (a lot)...reading...singing.
they just amaze me over and over.
i could not be more thankful for the gift these little ones are
on our lives.
now if i could just slow it down a little.
press pause once in a while.
and make it last longer,
ahh, that would be nice.
then again, i guess it is really the fact that the cherished moments are
in fact fleeting ones
and time continues that makes us really appreciate it all in the first place.

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