Wednesday, October 13, 2010


what is it about tiny things?
this website makes the sweetest dolls. love the big hair.
go take a peek; do some early christmas shopping?
but the mini stuff is by far the most amazing and coolest.
those purses are simply too much.
i wish i could be super small.

sidenote: i did climb out on a roof today in an
attempt to shoo a spider away from our house...
creepiest experience ever. the spider;
not the climbing/hanging-on aspect.
i know. rediculous.
im still a bit frightened.


angela hardison said...

christine! just wanted to tell you that i've been loving your blog, your creativity and projects, and your love for being a mother. you inspire me.

also, i love mini things. a lot.

jack, lucy and finn said...

yay for tiny things!