Wednesday, August 18, 2010

chop salad

had this for dinner over the weekend.
i guess you could also call it...'whats in the fridge salad'
because in my opinion when things are chopped up
small and mixed with creamy dressing you are good to go.
my mom has been making it all summer
and i can not get enough of it.
i just used what i had on hand so it was
chopped spinach
red onion
feta cheese
dried cranberries
white corn
and shredded chicken
with a buttermilk dressing
and some pita chips
since i couldnt find any bread in our hood.
i didnt happen to take any lovely pics
of the two burnt trays that preceded this batch.
yes, i burn things.
and set some things on fire.
thats what happens when you sit down.
you get too relaxed.


diane said...

it looks so pretty too, I will have to try this.

Everton Terrace said...

Looks perfect for a hot summer day (sans chicken for me). I burn things all the time. Lit a little of my hair on fire trying to light the barbeque once - hazards of the job.