Sunday, August 1, 2010

justing playin

she is 'justing' doin a lot of things lately.
some sweet.
some not.
if only she knew i was polishing off the ice cream
right now, she'd attack me.
i just heard..." awake"
oh really?
didnt you just go to bed about five minutes ago?
let it also be known that 'bobby' was prayed for tonight.
that is 'jack n lucy bobby'. oh, ok. of course.
just wait until both of them are talking.
then i am really in trouble.
i have a feeling those two are going to do a number on me,
or will i have renewed stamina and energy as they get older?
eh, probably not.
oh no. who dat cryin?

1 comment:

Mary Weisse said...

Glad she is praying for my dad! I am surprised she knows who that is, but I guess Jimmy has loved your dad for awhile too.