Tuesday, August 3, 2010

wanna make one

i really want to sew up one of these lovelies.
and then fill it up with travel goodies
for when i travel from my bathroom to my kids bathroom.
that would be about the extent of travel
in my life.
i guess it would make a nice makeup bag right?
you know what i love about you blog is how i
can pretend for a minute there are no dishes in the sink,
no laundry to be done
(ruby may be out of undies)
no messes to be picked up
no early morning to be woken up to.
just crafts to do...pictures to take...and dreams to be had.
its fun pretending.
just like being 2 again.
and then i wake up.

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Everton Terrace said...

I know. As an empty nester I remember thinking "when will I have the time to do this or that" and now that my daughter is grown and gone, I long for the days when I wished only for a 15 minute nap.