Wednesday, August 4, 2010


over the weekend i made some playdough
from a recipie the childrens museum had
on ruby's bday.
so its taken me that long to make it...i know.
i luckily had some peppermint extract on hand
so that made playing with it a little better than
the usual playdough go.
{oh, and noted...i forgot the cream of tartar,
and it worked out fine. after a couple days
it started getting pretty sticky though.}

have fun and enjoy....if you have little hands in the house.
homemade playdough
4c. flour
2c. salt
4 c. water
8 t. cream of tartar
6 T. oil
food coloring
peppermint extract (optional)
mix together in a large saucepan. cook until it holds together and pulls away from pan. cool and knead. (note: you need mom muscles to stir this up. its kinda weird. and i only made a half batch and it was plenty).

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