Sunday, August 15, 2010

home ec

what to do stuck indoors so much...what to do....
just keep making new little spaces with stuff you already have
so you feel happy with the new and different space
i made a cozy little corner and arranged it oh so nicely
to add on to the little kitchen set up we already had going.
ruby was super excited when i showed her
and now continually throughout the day
tells me she is going off to cook
in 'my restaurant'
which usually involves her pretending to make something
and then throwing that pretend 'cake' or 'soup'
across the room at me.
what service.
im pretty sure i dont throw the toast across the room
for breakfast so im not sure where this
lacidasical attitude on manners and service came from.

you should see the number little dec can do on this
set up in no time.

you want what with that?
no substitutions.
and cash only please.

and then you can make your way into our real kitchen
where the new 'shuguh' bowl
recently became a water vessel.
i decided why fight it
and so i gave her a straw.
classy....but at leasy no boogies.

1 comment:

jack, lucy and finn said...

love it. especially the lack of boogies...