Friday, May 6, 2011

a little spring cleaning.

i have been wanting to reorganize and clean out the craft room
for a while now, but it was such a daunting project so i kept 
putting it off. problem being, every time i tried to do anything in there
it just kept bugging me and i felt stumped.
crazy i know.
anyhow, i moved out the big table and opted for a small and cozier
little desk to hold my sewing goods. 
i folded all the piles of fabric and got rid of junk.
then i put the kids table right in the middle
 where i think they have much more fun goofing around.
coloring on their bellies with washable markers
(i mean just declan that is)
or glue sticking everything in sight (ahem, ruby).

i was pretty pleased. enjoyed it for a day, 
and now, BOOM, it is back to madness. 
but that is all part of the fun.

here's to an exciting weekend; 
a cinco de mayo party
and mother's day.
should be good. 
happy mom's day to all the wonderful mom's out there!


Sush said...

I'll just bet you have some little fingers itching to get back into that wondrous display of crafties waiting to be transformed into magical works of art! Love your nurturing your children's imaginations!
Again Ms Simple Pleasures...You Rock!
Happy Mother's Day!

Brittany said...

You werent kidding you do have a lot of fabric! I just love your blog it's very inspiring!