Monday, May 9, 2011

a bit of fun really.

 so we had one of those really fabulous weekends i didnt want to end, 
and the slightly cloudy monday is topping it off just right.
we partied like we have not in a long time; 
courtesy of my parents amazing cinco de mayo party.
fun live music and no nursing baby at home let me loose on the dance floor.
 i wanted to wear something fun and bright, 
and happened upon this winner at mercantile
which i changed up a bit, 
so i'll share the repurposed dress with you later.
i just love the color and print so couldnt pass it up.

and we recouped a bit with a lazy mother's day.
had a few afternoon milkshakes
and i snuck off to see 'something borrowed' during naptime.
great chick flick. 
hope your weekend was so lovely and happy.
cheers to a new week!

1 comment:

Bevburch said...

ok i saw the new constructed dress have yet to see one done as cute as you did. why is it some blogs get a million posts on the deconstructed not so cute outfits. so many ooo's and aaa's on your dress at the party. need to get this blog out with "famous ones" gg