Tuesday, May 3, 2011

freshly picked.

there is nothing like the satisfaction of a pretty cleaned 
up kitchen, topped off with some 
lovely smelling flowers from the yard.
i picked three incredibly fragrant flowers; 
lavender, jasmine, and sweet pea.
 oh how i will miss them come summertime.
not a whole lot to choose from once the high temps arrive.

oh, and here's a little looksie at one of those chairs.
my mom suggested some white oil cloth
cushion which i think sounds awesome.


Hood Canal Gal said...

Can't wait till the temps here(in Seattle) get above 60 degrees, probably in mid june;).
I planted sweet peas a couple weeks ago.

My favorite part of your post is the last picture, looking beyond the table into the bathroom. Cuz come on...who has time to shut the door anyway?!?
I'm cracking up! What cutie pie.

Sush said...

I love this posting! fantastically sweet and fresh, and your newly painted (with loving hands) chair looks
P O S I T I V E L Y lovely in that room.
Oh, well done!
P.S. Next to pansies sweet peas are my fave!

mamamchale said...

thanks for the sweet words Sush! and i never noticed until you mentioned it Hood Canal Gal but I laughed out loud upon realizing Ruby was in the background doing her business. oops!