Tuesday, February 22, 2011

pretty pouches.

inspired by this post and great tutorial i spent a bit of
my sewing time this weekend obsessing over pouches.
who doesnt love a good pouch for pens, makeup,
paper, coupons, who knows...endless possibilities.

anyhow, i had some heavy weight white linen
and paired it up with colorful zippers,
and then decided a liner was even better.
if you live in phx, SAS is your place for buckets
of zippers. they were full of a bunch of vintage ones
still in wrappers. every time i go in there
i leave with about 10 new projects in mind.

and by the way, this was my first official zipper.
yippee! i did it. thanks to liz.
feeling pretty good.

promise to share the dress
i am almost done
with soon.
forgot to take pics.

1 comment:

diane said...

I just sewed my first zipper recently and now I think I might be obsessed with pouches myself. This SAS place sounds interesting is it a thrift store?