Monday, February 28, 2011

needs work. that dress.

so i'm not done yet. but i thought i'd share what i was
working on last weekend.
soon enough i'll get the zipper in, and the collar sewed on.
and then perhaps i'll have my first dress done.
i had big plans for making something fun in white
with lots of pink trims for ruby,
but alas
i just never really get done what i hope for
as so many things get in the way.
or admittedly when i do actually get the time...
i just want to be lazy and watch a silly flick like
the proposal with my husband.
way funnier than i thought it would be
by the way in case you are in need
of a good romantic comedy.

hope monday is treating you well.
ps. the dress is out of this
built by wendy
book in the event you were looking
to learn how to make your own frocks.

1 comment:

sew nancy said...

That looks like it will be a great spring dress.