Monday, February 21, 2011


the sound our cd player makes now when you turn
on or off the car. and no, it is not currently taking
cd's either, so no more juno soundtrack for us i'm
afraid. its only been in there for about a year now.

ed said to me: 'maybe we should stop letting
them play in the car.'
but who does'nt love to catch up on some reading
or sewing on the front porch and listen to the ruby
'im just going on a trip mom to a snowy place...
i just need to go to the store for snacks first
and then for gas cus the car does'nt works'

oh, ok.

and i have no idea why the air makes this
crazy clicking sound when turning from
cold to warm, or vice versa.
i guess the car is old.
who knows why they find playing in the car
so terribly entertaining.
i'm probably the only crazy mom
who lets her kids do this.
just add that to the list of things
i probably should'nt let them do but do anyhow.


Sara said...

I totally do it too! The other day they asked for the keys - but I had enough sense at least to refuse that. Is there something stuck in the air vent? Sometimes they shove stuff in there, too!

{jane} said...

So guilty. {long ago}, my husband was so miffed why i would let them play in my suv over & over, constantly breaking things. but when you have little ones, you debate what is worth your free time, yeah?

one of my little ones always loved putting pennies they would find down the air vents, eventually the pennies would touch something else down there that was metal, and repeatedly it blew a fuse for the heating/air. now i have miss-almost-thirteen who just begs to "drive" the car around our neighborhood, entirely new phase of life!