Thursday, February 17, 2011

a few fantastic shots.

ruby takes every chance she gets to steal the
camera away from me.
here is her recent work.
i was off doing something in the kitchen
and found some surprises on my camera later.
she loves her feet.

as you can plainly see.
( fly shot)

and then we did a nice fancy pose for the timer.
lookin good as always mom.
and ps. what is up with the wild hand poses ruby?

and last but not least,
ruby's fancy collage.
she did spend some time
putting this together. and when i took two pics
she followed it up with
'another one!!!??'
yes, we had to get it just right.. b/c your mom
is kinda crazy.

1 comment:

{jane} said...

~ you have the cutest style.

and, i wish i was a guest at your Vday soiree, sounds like it was divine. :)