Wednesday, June 9, 2010

a whole new look

photo found via my little day
so ive been a little busy lately visiting with one
of my dearest old friends who came in town
with her sweet sweet three little girls.
it was really too fun and such a treat to have
someone to talk to and lose your cold coffee cup with all day long,
and stay up way too late
over many beers with our husbands
just laughing and talking forever.
it does not happen often
and we felt so blessed
to have such a wonderful family grace our home.
i will have to share some pics of the girls
and their many dress ups,
but for now
i just wanted to say in my rather exhausted state
that i am proud to present
a whole new look to our 'mchales' blog...
with a new name and new fun features.
bear with me as i get used to it and update it slowly.
thank you to all my readers.
you mean so much to me.
and so many thanks to the ever amazing
designers of the new blog look.
on that note i am off to catch some zzzzs
before the little guy awakes hungry.

1 comment:

jack, lucy and finn said...

looks so fantastic!
i love it!