Wednesday, June 23, 2010

a small break from reality

is what happens when you leave
hot hot phoenix
and step onto balboa island.
you wake up in the morning and justify a walk for coffee and doughnuts.
step aside group of old talking about worldly affairs,
here i come with my mother load of children
and hunger for an extra large coffee and perhaps a hippo cookie...
for later of course,
yet i must admit if there were no children around it would be

how sweet are these lovely ladies
checking out the scene on the balboa pier?
some hungry mom's were well pleased that this pier ended in
hamburgers, fries, and milkshakes,
all enjoyed in the lovely grassy park nearby.
who wants sandy dinner, not me.
i think i am beginning to sound as if all i eat is junk.
only on vacation, or on special occasions, i think.
and could i just have a bit of this girl's
let loose courage for one minute?
it was really after dinner
so at least 6ish
and once we were close to the water
without a moments notice,
the clothes came off
(i encouraged keeping undies on)
and lots of rolling in the sand ensued.
pearls and pink polka dot undies,
sunset on the beach.
doesnt get any better, really.


jack, lucy and finn said...

love the pink polka dots and pearls. probably my very favorite moment from the whole trip...
that and blaming water on the stairs on lucy having an accident... heeheehee

dreamday said...

i love balboa! it's our last week of july destination every year... such a great escape from the phx heat! i always go for a hot chocolate at the end of the pier, what a summer novelty. :)