Tuesday, June 15, 2010

little things

its those little things...

that make me happy

like cleaning off my back porch

with my homemade cleaning solution:

warm water. fresh mint. half a lemon

because it smells so lovely

cutting fresh flowers

and putting them here there and everywhere


yet no longer outside for now with the gush of summer heat

finding $3 chairs for the kids

at the local ranch market

in rediculous bright colors like turquoise and orange

some peaceful coloring and conversation

with my little girl

while the wild man takes a snooze


most esp. the never ending new vocabulary:

'look mom' 'grass'

'look mom' 'circles'

'oh woooow mom'


it is those little moments

that i would like to pause and hold on to for just a bit longer,

for they fly away really too quickly.

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