Friday, April 2, 2010


we've had a bit of trouble getting the birthday 'princess jammies' to come off in the morning. i keep trying to convince ruby that she needs to put on 'play clothes' so we can play and go outside, etc!! right?
you would think she would remember we just had this conversation yesterday, and the day before, oh, and the day before that. but who am i to know the mind of a spitfire 2 yr old?
so today the play clothes she picked out came out of the dress up she is minnie mouse (even though she doesnt have a clue who that is). thanks to her cousin 'shish'....more appropriately known as lucy, this was a 'handy down'. and it is super cute. and rather short to show off the pudgy legs we all know and love. watch out shirley temple, here comes ruby grace.

oh, and i might add, those sweet socks? they were found yesterday when we were doing some cleaning. i told here they were actually supposed to be Finn's (they ended up in a bag from Christmas shopping time...oops) but she didnt care and insists on wearing those dinosaur lovelies all day long. Sorry Finn. We owe you some socks.

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