Thursday, April 29, 2010

the kitchen wall

one late night, ed came home from work and i just had a burst of energy to hang a bunch of stuff i had been collecting to hang on our giant kitchen wall. i am pleased with it so far, but just need to give it more love, more pics in the empty spaces, or perhaps some handwriting. not sure just what yet, but i'll let you see a more finished product when i am inspired to fill the spaces. hope you like what we did so far. a giant wall like this can be so daunting. i just wanted it to be different than the typical cork board or chalk board set up that we had in our other house. i do miss the giant chalk board though.

as a side note, i can not help but think all those people were so right when they told you you'll always be tired. i didnt believe it. ruby was an easy kid, and she was the only kid we had, so it was relatively easy. now that i find myself with the most energetic five month old ive ever known, im not sure i ever rest. lately i cant stop dreaming of tanning on the beach with a cocktail in hand, a great magazine by my side, some chips and homemade guacamole, and only the sound being that of waves in the background. i dream. no one can take the dreams away, and thank God for that, b/c it is so very delightful to drift off into wonderland sometimes.
more mother's day craft ideas to come. be on the lookout.


jack, lucy and finn said...

i love it! especially the way you took the time card slots and turned it sideways with your EAT sign on top! so original, as always.

The Willows Home & Garden said...

love your wall. try taking a cigar box, cutting out the back, collage the front and cover your AC and wall switch. what do you think?