Tuesday, March 30, 2010

how dreamy...

would it be to live in the city but basically on a farm? sounds lovely. and it is. our dear friend has a house with a giant backyard that feels just like a farm. chickens making fresh eggs. a goat. hammocks for babies to lounge in. sandboxes with digging toys. veggies and herbs growing. ahh, it is definitely my cup of tea over there, and a true dream land for kids to run around and play. im sure its buckets of work though. we do love to visit though. thank you sweet krista for sharing your lovely home. i always leave feeling gitty and ready to plant something at my own home!

it is most definitely the best time of year (in phx anyhow) to be outside for as long as possible. i would consider moving outside, with the exception of bugs, snakes and birds. they do get in the way.

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jack, lucy and finn said...

what a lovely post! and i'm diggin' the new blog look, lady!