Thursday, April 15, 2010

enchanting castle

my lovely mother got ruby (and myself... i think) this sweet cardboard castle to build for christmas. we recently finally put the whole thing together...which comes in flat pieces so you can color or paint them beforehand.

yesterday we bedazzled it up with decorative tape (to be found at the willows)
buttons, fringe, old french paper, paper flowers, and stickers.

the best part is how ruby is really starting to enjoy doing these things that i probably get way too into. i should probably invest in a high power glue stick though, as glue all over the hands can be quite the peeling project. with her current princess craze....princess jammies....dresses and shoes, this was the perfect project. isnt it dreamy? and now the fun is we can just keep on decorating it. maybe paint will be next, for a hot summer day.
and the brand for all curious parties is called 'calafant'. they have lots of other wonderful next fave being the tree house.

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