Friday, March 19, 2010

haaappppy me!

well not really me, but happy birthday to Ruby! 'happy me' was what she had been saying in reference to the big day. she turned the big TWO on March 18th! we began the morning with lots of balloon...her favorite...and singing with a strawberry scone filled with two special candles.
i think she could blow out candles all day long if you let her.
and her present from us was this slide i've been wanting to get her for a while from ikea. she's still getting used to it....a little different from the park i guess, but she definitely loves spending a lot of time on it and putting anything else possible on it to slide down.

another prized present (as i knew she really wanted to open up a wrapped package) was a 'princess and the frog' nightgown. she saw it with ed and thinks the princess if fabulous, so she wore it the rest of the afternoon, to bed, and tried to sport it the next day but i told her she really needed to put on some real clothes. hmmm.

and before the day even came she was super excited to receive this rather fabulous playhouse from 'bop and gigi'. many thanks!!! she loves it and plays in it as much as possible. my favorite feature is the grill...funny.

and so we'll have to have some cousins over soon to play in the new house for sure!


jack, lucy and finn said...

happy birthday, ruby! we can't wait to come play!

Sara said...

happy birthday to ruby! we want to come play too! hopefully soon!