Sunday, March 7, 2010

i heart cozy rainy sundays

and delicious crepes from 'monkey c'. every other sunday go check out some really delicious food at the culinary underground over in coronado (13th st and palm lane). de-lish-ous. our friends, james and lindsey have a little store/garage sale and make yum yum crepes, savory and sweet, as well as buttery bisquits and gravy. its just fun people and a general good time.

ruby and jimmy ran around in the rain giggling and screaming like big scary dinosaurs today which made it extra fun. and there were also some good times trying on jewelry and picking out a lovey airplane print we are going to use to fix up 'the closet' in the kids room for Declans room someday.

and tonight? the oscars! yeah. i can't wait for red carpet viewing. i get a little too excited. hopefully someone dares to sport some rain boot fashion.

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