Tuesday, May 23, 2017


summertime is upon us. the heat is rolling in, and coming in hot! as much as we may complain about it here in phoenix, i think we also kind of look forward to it, with much nostalgia if we grew up in it.

i have the fondest memories of summers spent in and out of the pool for hours on end playing pool games, breaking for popsicles, playing board games, and of course putting our pillows in the freezer. that last one is a secret trick my brother and i discovered to be the best way to cool down at night. i honestly do not remember a lot of planned activites; we just kind of did our own thing and it was awesome. 

flash forward to current day and it can feel pretty different. so many camps and activities to choose from; seriously overwhelming. i really see something beautiful in the peace of encountering a break from the hustle and bustle of the school year. less car time. more one on one time. less laundry. less clothing in general worn really. lots of time for creativity, endless reading, letter writing, adventures, and lazy family time. i truly find that summer can be a gift if you look at it in the right light. boredom can spur creativity and ingenuity. 

so when it comes to out summers, we usually plan one trip to the beach. this year we went a bit early and not sure if we will make it back. i would love to do a few az day trips. this is a beautiful state with so much to discover. other than that? we usually make a big fun list of things we want to do like museums and crafts and cooking projects, and maybe a cousin sleepover or movie night. there will be much swimming and a little bible camp to break things up. 

i really simply can not wait for summer to be here. it has a certain magical quality i am ready to embrace. how about you? what do you love about summer? any favorite traditions to share? 

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