Thursday, May 4, 2017

say what?

 i know! a post. amazing right. i mean its been a couple years but who’s counting. in an effort to find creative outlets being at home, ive somehow decided to hop back into this space i use to devote so much of my time to. lets face it, i love to write…used to be an avid journal keeper…and maybe just maybe i have an audience out there. who knows, lets give it a try.
 so this is life lately. 4 kids: Ruby just turned 9, Declan 7, Mikey is nearly 5, and Frances is on the verge of 3….going on 16. Ruby just had her first communion, Declan is one day away from losing his two front teeth, Mikey is getting pumped to be joining the STA community next fall, and Franny is dancing and talking up a storm…running the household over here really.
 we recently had a wonderful trip to the beach for spring break and spent some time with my sister which was great! the beach is truly a soul soother. we all need it once in a while. the boys had to hold back from gathering all the crabs they found at this awesome little beach in laguna. they are at a stage of constant bug finding, and wanting to keep every little creature in a cup. i suppose will be sad when they are older and this stage has passed.

 other than that? summer is almost here. well its pretty much here in phoenix, just waiting for school to get out. and for a pool to magically appear in my back yard. if you wish it, it will come right? we’ve been pondering for a while whether or not to move east; the pondering continues…but im just not sure im ready to leave downtown and all that i love about living down here. terrifying really.
 so im thinking about what i have to offer you. what would you like to see here? im thinking some recipes, good reads, local shops i love, dinner ideas, az day trips, deep thoughts from frances, and some musings here and there. perhaps the occasional craft or sewing project. let me know what youre up to and want to hear about! ive been eyeing making this dress for a while. i’ll let you know how it turns out when i get to it!
good to be back folks! hope you still read blogs. hahahaha!

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