Friday, May 26, 2017

eat your veggies

{image via 101 cookbooks}

as the weather warms up, as i get older and my kids seem to always be coming down with some sickness, i have the inspiration to eat healthier. i tend to think we are a pretty healthy family, but i admit i can slide and buy some rediculously huge bag of doritos at costco and feel like a total mom fail; because inevitably this is all they want to eat for every snack. 

on the flip side i think maybe there is too much pressure out there to feed your family perfectly healthy, organic everything, fresh from the farm, vegan, and balanced food that is not always necessarily affordable and something they want to eat. 

so i guess we can settle somewhere in the middle? keep it balanced folks. so last night we had a very healthy meal of salmon (which my kids love…win win) green beans and spanish potatoes. then there are the losing tired nights where i let them all get corn dogs from sonic. seriously? 

back to that healthy effort. right. here’s some inspiration to get on that path. sorry if ive been a little confusing in this effort. i just love a good donut, what can i say?

this breakfast salad looks like a nice way to start the day

im thinking a sriracha rainbow noodle salad could be the perfect summer lunch munch

a summer cake that is on the healthier side, i mean i just know cake is good for you

making your own bread is a goal i strive to master. i have tried it here and there but nothing i do consistently. this one looks yummy!

and this chinese chicken noodle soup looks so cozy and just right, even in warm weather, i can still dig a good soup

please share some of your favorite healthy meals or food blogs you go to for inspiration! i’d love to hear what you have to share! peace. and happy weekend! summer is here!!!!!!!

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