Tuesday, March 3, 2015

52 is back.

 remember that old 52 project? well im going to attempt to get back on it. who knows. if i gather enough cute organizing supplies from the dollar bin at target maybe i can get my life together. yeah, probably not. worth a try though. 

ruby: nearly seven years old, loving first grade, hula hooping, jump roping, reading, 
drawing and spending time giggling with her brothers and little sis.

declan: charming the world around him. living it up in preschool, and very pumped 
for the upcoming t-ball season to begin. lighting up my every day with his funny
outlook on life and bustling imagination. 

mikey: busy busy guy. talking up a storm, just when were beginning to wonder...now 
he can not say enough. his brain is currently in sponge mode, tossed with a heavy dose of
stubbornness. still really into animals and 'guys' and all figurines. not too into changing his 
diaper or going to bed. 

frances: the happiest little girl in town. she loves to smile, laugh, be tickled and play peek a boo. 
coming up on 8 months, she popped her top two teeth before the bottom (which are slowly making
their way too). adores her siblings and likes to say 'da da' a lot. we are surely blessed to have
this ball of joy around. oh, and did i mention she is crawling and pulling herself up on things? 
slow it down girl.

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