Tuesday, March 31, 2015

7 year old tea.

so little miss ruby turned seven on us. with such a sweet little group of friends from school, i thought we just might have a fancy tea party, and while were at it make the cutest mini pies you ever did see.
it was just right, and i seriously can not believe how our little babe is growing up on us. where did chubby little rubes go? 

i found the sweet little pie dishes at crate and barrel. i made a triple batch of two crust pie dough, and divided each batch into four discs, so each girl could roll out a bottom and do a lattice top. 
i made an apple pie filling so they could just scoop it in. and i found pink pie boxes at the bake shop; topped it with a chalk board label and let them draw their names on the boxes.
and with what fabric i had in my stashes i came up with some sweet little aprons.  

mid morning tea 

passion fruit tea

scones with butter and jam

nutella flower sandwiches

cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches

chicken salad croissants

pink pavlova with berries and cream

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