Thursday, January 29, 2015

here and there.

whew. what happened? i thought it was thanksgiving, and now im prepping for the valentines party at school. i always think after christmas it will calm down right? 
so we were fortunate enough to ring in the new year in ca and get out of town for a bit as a family. visiting with uncle al, aunt mary and sweet evangeline made it extra special for the kids. 
lately, we've just been soaking up the gorgeous weather, venturing out on lots of walks, and trying to organize and clean out as much as possible with little mess makers around.
we recently had a last minute thrown together cupcake stand (i was out of lemonade). i had some old cardboard that we turned into a make-shift stand. always a hit in the hood. 
really, life is pretty crazy with four, but i feel incredibly blessed by their joy and energy. i could not ask for more. and so i am off to another day!

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