Monday, September 24, 2012

hello monday.

{photo courtesy of ruby}
i mean tuesday? 
got a little caught up in the weekend and missed out on the monday post. had some friends over...did a bunch of yard work...laundry...and really not enough at all of that; really just some good family time and suddenly its back to the week. time, please do slow down so i can take it all in. too fast indeed. now for some fun links. hope you had a wonderful weekend!

love this awesome girlie backpack tutorial

ha! look at my future kids bedroom! the way our house is setup we will indeed have a lot of littles in one room...the more crazy the merrier. it can be done.

how cool does this book look? never seen anything like it. 

this mustard top is making me want to fabric shop and create a fun christmas dress. so sweet.

my beautiful sis started a darling blog. you should check it out!

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