Monday, September 10, 2012

hello monday.

so it has been a pretty lovely weekend...good family time, weather cooling a bit, visiting with friends over brunch, some good rain time on the front porch (my favorite place to be), and lots of personal addiction/therapy. i am definitely getting excited for the change in seasons and maybe a little day trip to do some apple picking; something ive been wanting to do with the kids. so here are some fun monday links for you to enjoy...hope you had a lovely weekend!

got stuck browsing at shoes and colorful pak paks over here
finally found a project for this scrap piece of leather i've had lying around forever...can not wait to try this one
found this fashionable tumblr i love
looking for a reason to throw a fun party so we can make these whimsical crepe paper hats
and my interest in crafting up some kids floral crowns only grew once i saw these sweet ones; here's another one ive had saved for some time...apparently crepe paper is all the rage.

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