Monday, September 17, 2012

hello monday.

its that funny time of year here in phoenix where you are just on the brink of weather change; you can almost taste it...a cool morning or a lovely evening and some slight breezes and just like that your mood elevates and says 'hey' is that fall i feel? is that only a 99 degree day ahead of me? break out the jeans, fill the grocery with pumpkins, and fight the urge to fill your flower beds with all new lovelies. fall, we welcome you with open arms. now if you dont mind we would love some even lower temperatures si vous plait? 

here are some fun monday links friends. 

doesnt this maple scented cornbread look so yummy?

are you already brainstorming halloween costumes? we change our mind about every week and i think we discuss it most of the year with ruby around. pinterest has some pretty funny ones you should check out.

this set of jumping pictures is oh so happy. found her here

we've been talking about making a chore chart for the kids to give them some incentive in helping out, besides just telling them to do it and hearing them say no. i found this one as a bit of inspiration. any pointers?


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