Monday, January 23, 2012


we recently picked quite a few lemons from my parents tree. 
nobody seemed interested, and oh how i do love lemons. 
so ruby and dec helped me squeeze and pour juice, 
then we shook up some rather delicious fresh lemonade
one afternoon last week. i really want to try it with honey 
next time. 
best part was ruby's hard working facial expressions
 as she pulled down the lever and said gleefully:
'this is so much fun, i just love this'.
i think the flowery vintage apron made 
it all the more exciting.
on the list this week is maybe some lemon curd with all 
the extra juice. i saw some pretty awesome lemon
meringue cupcakes on pinterest involving lemon curd
and toasty 7 min frosting i'd love to try. 

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