Friday, January 6, 2012

a bit of christmas and new years.

i seem to have a pretty pathetic selection of christmas 
pictures this year. i suppose i was rather enjoying 
the moment too much and not capturing it too much. 
never mind the awful night time pictures my cam takes; 
see above aged looking photo. 

i did need to take note though of good old Markle, 
our elf on the shelf. 
this particular morning he hid in the tree. 
it was surely amazing to me how humorous 
he was to the kids....every morning waking to the excitement
of going to find him and laughing at how silly his new spot was. 
'that silly markle...he's so tricky'....'he went to the same spot as yesterday?
now that is tricky my friends!'

a bit if art.

a happy festive mantle.

a little girl who increasingly makes faces
like my little sister. hmmm.

a too cute moment in towels.

new years eve jumping on the trampoline
and blowing horns. 

and our very fancy new years cranberry lime 
and pellegrino drink in big girl glasses.

happy new year!!

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