Monday, March 21, 2011

welcome monday.

so what a truly beautiful weekend it was here! the weather
has been so incredibly perfect, and even slightly chilly
after a pretty warm week. i guess you could say the 
weather really makes life better for me...esp. when it 
means a lot of time spent chilling on the front porch. 

we had a very nice and successful birthday saturday morning
(which i will share pics of later).
i think breakfast parties are maybe my favorite...
the beauty of the morning and the possibilities
for fun and delicious food ideas are just a great 

hope you had a lovely weekend
and your monday is off to a beautiful start!
ps. doesn't dec look cute popping out the window?

1 comment:

{jane} said...

ok. i went snow-shoeing today...because it's still the heart of winter where i am.

i may not return to your blog till say, june? july? till i hope to hear you are miserably HOT!


i am DYING for spring, and every time you mention beautiful weather - it nearly kills me.

{just kidding. kind of.}