Sunday, January 9, 2011

making me smile and giggle

this guy sporting his
new christmas 'old man'
he is pretty insanely sqeezeable in these.

playing with my random bunch of jewelry
i let ruby take hold of,
and witnessing her in these beauties...
old clip on earrings i bought
from some lady at sage forever ago who had
turquoise coming out of the wazoo.
yes they are little guns in holsters.
ruby just thinks its cool that she is wearing earrings.

and spending all morning in our pj's
dancing to the 'magic dance'
aka. baby song
by david bowie
thanks to the cd in pete and emily's car.

funny things on the 'what ruby has said lately' front:
we were outside a coffee shop playing downtown,
watching construction of a parking lot
and this black man walked by and said to ruby:
'hey little mama'
to which she replied, standing on a bench leaning forward:
'im not a mommy, im a ruby girl'

you go get em lady.
tell em whats up.

1 comment:

Mary Weisse said...

Your kids look like little super models in those pictures. So serious and attractive. Kind of intimidating,