Thursday, January 6, 2011

capturing a moment

ive been thinking a lot lately about photography and
how my absolute favorite pictures capture a moment
as it is happening.
they reveal the personality or character
of a person, which is so beautiful frozen on film.
it is my goal to be better at attempting this,
as daunting as it may be.
i read a while back how unnatural smiles are for
the camera and i just had to nod in agreement.
ive always felt rather silly and particularly
uncomfortable forcing a photo,
but then again i guess we need some of those,
for memories sake, i gather.

i do not know who took the above photo.
(taken at the old restaurant)
i think it was me
but it could have been my sister as she liked
to take the camera around and snap lots of surprise
photos for me to find later.

dont you think its a great photo of my dad?
what are your favorite kind of people pics?
staged or caught in a natural moment?

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