Thursday, April 2, 2009

ruby turns one!

so the big day was quite a hit! our first 'first'
birthday party. we had planned on having some
thing small....just close family and friends but it
turned into qutie the extravaganza in our backyard.
since we had just closed the restaurant we had plenty
of new yard furnishings and plenty of company to
share in the festivities. i always say the more the
merrier. i do love entertaining and seeing that people
are enjoying themsleves. i guess that was the joy of
palatte for me.

So for sure the best part of the night was the big
birthday song and her clapping in excitement that
everyone was singing to her. lets just say she definitely
likes the attention and really is quite different that I
ever was as a kid.

the cake was a rediculous tiffany blue color and
filled with blackberries....her biggest food obsession.

just look at that happy lady!

thank you to all who could come and
many many thanks for the lovely gifts!
we are loving all the new books to read!

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