Thursday, April 2, 2009

balboa....we start our vacation!!

so i guesss happy things can come out of sad, since we had to close the restaurant and completely turn our lives around we we then given some time off and therefor were able to take a long awaited real 2-week vacation. i definitely was extremely excited and that was just the sort of distraction needed to keep me from getting too depressed and missing the craziness of palatte.

so we started off in balboa and had the lovliest time...renting one of those fun carriage bikes to ride along the boardwalk down to mutt lynches for some green st.patty's day beer. ruby loved having her own front seat on the bike and was admired by many.
we bought a silly kite and had a blast running around the park pretending to be the kite runner.
went on lots of walks and had great morning coffee and our favorite, the twists at pain du monde.
oh, how i love balboa...the smells....the hippo cookies...the chicken tacos and guacamole...morning walks for coffee...the view of the ocean...and the luxurious couch at the house...and of coure cozy fires and lots of good conversation. i dream of going back this summer!

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