Thursday, April 2, 2009


on a hot hot march 18th (the real birthday) we headed to disneyland with emily and her friend hannah. it was a good day, but definitely takes the life out of you walking in the heat so long. and for some reason it was rediculously crowded...what???!? the middle of the week? doesnt anyone have school?

our first's wild ride...went well...which i thought would be a bit scary, but for some reason the dumbo's going up and down in the air were much scarier and she tried to escape! yikes.
teacups were uneventful and dizzying! anyhow, the major bummer was that we never saw characters and there were no hooo! oh, i forgot to mention how funny it was that ruby was freaked out by 'its a small world'....who knows with little kids. she will find a scary owl statue funny and cute little people dancing and singing freaky. what an odd cookie. but we love your funny ways little rubes.

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