Tuesday, November 30, 2010

venturing downtown

so the other night i just felt like a good walking
adventure was being called for.
ed had to work late so i thought maybe we
should jaunt downtown
and peek around.

ruby throughly enjoyed picking out some
hot pink nail polish at the new
urban outfitters,
while i had to slap my hand away
from buying glitter eyeshadow
and fancy cameras.

while waiting for the light rail
later that night declan was throwing out the
craziest mr. magoo faces,
but for some reason they
were crazy blurry.
i guess i couldnt help but share them anyway.

we did have a whole lotta fun.
its so magical walking around big buildings,
twinkle lights,
skipping, dancing and laughing with my two crazy cats.
i do fear though i may have a shopping lover on my hands
(can i buy this? um...no...again)

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