Wednesday, November 10, 2010

out of the loop

so i guess i've been a little out of the technology loop.
for some reason i've found it really hard
to get myself to sit down at the computer for a variety of reasons.
once in a while it is just good to let it go or it overcomes me too much.
is it just me or do you find yourself getting encompassed by blogs...keeping up with it all...on and on?

i also just tend to be much more creative when i am not
in front of the computer for a while.
so sorry ive been slacking.
christmas is fast approaching for handmade gifts
so its all a bit overwhelming right now.
i promise i'll try to be better.

for now,
here are some fun pics i took
last friday
down by the train tracks.
it was a little spur of the moment.
we just went on a drive downtown for fun
and i happened to have my camera on me.
i just love the textures of the bricks
for a backdrop.

and then a train came whizzing by
so that added some extra excitement for these guys.

cheers to the season of chilly weater upon us!
hope yours are going splendidly!
ps. i realized today the pumpkin bread recipe
i posted on in september had a misstype.
i fixed it....just so you know.
(only 1/2 c. of oil....sorry!!!)

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