Sunday, September 12, 2010

good to be back with you outside

we have missed you so.
mostly the kids have missed you so.
we've actually made it to the park quite a few times
thanks to the change in weather.
i could not be happier that bits of lovely weather
are finally upon us.
and how happy does this guy look?
dirt is his new best friend.

we were finally able to give the back porch some vines
recently due to the temp.
it is going to be pretty dreamy when they flower
and hang above us in the spring time.
i can not wait!

ed was very happy to be back in the yard
actually in the middle of the day!

and miss rubes was very pumped to cozy up outside.
all in all it is very good to be back in the breezes
and soak up the outdoors.
hope everyone is enjoying it as much as we are!

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