Wednesday, January 21, 2009

new best friend

so ruby is quite the fan of buddie these days. ever since she learned how to wave...the cutest little hand flap i ever saw, she will wake up in the morning and start waving and look towards the window to outside to try to say 'hi' to him. she will honestly get mad at me if we dont go out and visit him 700 times a day just to say hi, and swing her little legs in super excitement about the guy.
so i decided i should let her have a go at being friends with him. i put her down, and so sad...he didnt really want to have much to do with her, while she is dying to touch him. so i had to put his food right next to her and let her get super excited be his nearness:)
and yes, she tried to have a little lamb n rice snack of her own.
i dont know why i find this so funny; esp when she keeps trying to say his name; it is some form of dada/doggie/and buddie all in one.


jack, lucy and finn said...

hurray, for new ruby pictures! i can't get enough! we need the "where's your tongue?" one next...

The Thompson's said...

super cute!!!