Saturday, December 13, 2008

growin up too fast!

so lil miss ruby has just been growin too fast for me lately! they say it goes by so quickly but that could not be more true. the minute you get used to them as they are it all changes. so just the other night i came home after work and she was a wild woman! it was as if she discovered she had legs and they could move very fast. she perfected the one leg slightly straight and one leg bent crawl to mover quicker i guess and also easily sit here and there to break and smile.

she is definitely on the move. she is into everthing...opening all the cupboards and pulling everything out. wakes up smiling and laughing everyday...a very happy lady with shiny teeth. while christmas shopping she insists on getting down and crawling around to discover anything she can get her hands on. her favortie things still continue to be crinkly paper and boxes rather than toys. and her new obsession is this elf 'guy' on top of our mantle i put up for christmas. everytime i walk by him she starts swinging her legs (thats her happy thing) and smiling hugely and flailing her arms. funny lady.

here's some random pics to share since i havent blogged in forever.


Katie said...

Too cute! I think I need to visit Phoenix more so I can squeeze her. On second thought...wanna take a nice little Dallas vacaiont?

Anonymous said...

You have the elf on the shelf too! Hilarious! He is usually a topic of at least one Christmas Eve convo. He can see you everywhere!

Little Ruby is so cute! Hopefully we will vacay in AZ this Spring and we can finally meet her. :)

Megs Muse said...

I cannot believe lil' Ruby is so big. And so adorable.

And you're serving dinner a la Palatte maintenant?

If I don't hear from you soon, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Miss you bunches.