Tuesday, June 23, 2015


ahh, summer. here are some bits and pieces. besides being hot and sunny, we've been enjoying the slowdown. a much needed slow pace after the crazy school year. less car and more time together is what i call good stuff. 
so we have a bit of a summer schedule. its rather loose, but enough to keep us on track. we have swim team in the mornings; work on math and reading; we venture somewhere fun on wednesdays (ie. art museum, library, splash pad); we have summer movie passes thursday mornings; and so far we have made it to one glorious swim meet. not my favorite in 115 degree weather with a baby and no way to cool off. 
soon we leave to the beach for the fourth and i can.not.wait.!!!
hopefully the tiny crabs decide to pack up and ship out of balboa by then, bc you know frances will be pulling out her tiny grill and cooking some up with a side of sand sauce. 

keeping it cool.
yeah summer!

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Mary said...

LOVE imagining Frances with her little grill grilling up crabs!