Thursday, October 16, 2014

fall getaway.

this past weekend we were fortunate enough to take a wee break from the pretend fall weather in phoenix to visit some real chill just a few hours away. north and east, we headed to a charming little area in payson called christopher creek. it was just perfect. a camping feel but with a tiny cabin and kitchen; a playful little creek footsteps away, a wild visiting squirrel mikey was all too amused with, an adorable little playground,and a sky full of stars to gaze at wrapped up in coats and winter hats. 
they had a go with fishing as well nearby; although it really wasnt fishing. the easy kind where youre guaranteed a fish. back in phoenix we cooked it up for dinner and felt refreshed to be back; all the while really wishing we had a good week there to escape reality a bit. 
feeling truly thankful to live in city where such beauty is just hours away!

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