Friday, March 21, 2014

6 years old.

so we officially have a big six year old in the house! make this growing up thing stop already!!!

the morning of her birthday she actually had school so free dress was in order. fortunately i had this dress to offer or she was set on wearing the 'shaky dress' (red flapper dress) that her coolest godparents ever got her in the shiny gold purse full of dress-ups! not that i mind, but i didnt want to be the one to put a ban on birthday free dress up if for some chance it was not approved:)

so it was a pretty perfect birthday with uncle al and aunt mary in town (two of her favorite people); we had a nice requested dinner of spaghetti and meatballs, and brownies for dessert...which they had a bit of fun mixing and tasting. 

she wanted to go on a picnic for the actual birthday day so after school we headed to tempe town lake for a change of scenery and she flew her bday kite. the weather was rather perfect. we'll have to head back soon for a boat ride...perhaps without kids? 

ps. can i mention how hilarious mikey is;  in so many pictures he is found looking over at ruby. he sure loves his siblings! 

so happy happy birthday to you Ruby girl! 
we love you too much!!

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