Monday, February 3, 2014

up to lately.

here there and everywhere. the weeks all roll together and time will not seem to slow down. it seems i was just thinking 'i can not believe another Christmas is coming' and yet here we are at the beginning of February awaiting valentines day and visits from Chicago cousins. 

i feel as though lately my mind is all over the place, attempting to land in some form of organized calmness and peace where each day will not feel so daunting; i am then comforted that this maybe is the way of life and motherhood; i am not alone in this. 

three kids, and one on the way in June. it is never simple. the moment you sit and breathe something spills, someone sneezes, or someone is hungry and wants something fancy like a lox bagel and all you can do is muster up the strength to stand and keep going, because you are the one they need. you try to remember what it was like before kids, before marriage, and it seems such a faint memory you can hardly grasp. whatever did i do with all that time? all you know is that it is one million times better the way it is now, because those were days of much loneliness and searching. i will take the present and all its greatness, no matter the trial. i am blessed beyond belief with what i have been given. a life of beauty. a life with rare a dull moment. 

so in a interest to be more present in this blog space i have created, and in an interest to write more, i am making some hopeful resolutions; hey the new year was not that long ago right?
i would love to blog more, be more consistent. i want to be a better mother. make fresh bread. be more attentive to my garden. watch an odd foreign or independent film on occasion. read more. check my instagram less. sew more. make a dress. reach out to friends more. write more.share more recipes here. give more. pray more. appreciate and love each and every moment much more. ah, and perhaps finish knitting that scarf that was supposed to be done by Christmas!

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