Thursday, August 29, 2013

first day of school.

so our little girl's first day of kindergarten finally came, even while i was sure it never would. denial indeed. i mean we had the WHOLE summer right? what happened to that? 

we are now coming up on our first complete week of full days, and so far she is loving it. I really think I am the one who is having the hard time. admittedly I have been holding back the tears and forcing myself not to go there in my thoughts, b/c i know the saddness is more than i can handle. i really am happy for her; seeing her happy and knowing this change needed to happen for many reasons. its just knowing that this is the beginning of growing up and kind of the end of that era of doing our own thing all together at home or wherever we wanted to be. for now, i will just long for weekends, breaks, summer, and every week day that rings 3 o'clock when i get to see her smiley face greet me, and ask "what are we doing?". plans, plans, always. 

and many thanks to my sis emily for being with us that day (the first day). it made the haze that was that day so much better. it is so great to have you home/back for now. we color with the new fancy hip hello kitty pencils almost every day. put that on 'my' christmas list:) thanks again em!

three cheers for kindergarten! i think. 

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